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Attention  .  .  .  on December 1, 2015  new bankruptcy forms go into effect.  The changes are extensive but no worries - our bankruptcy software automatically updates all changes in bankruptcy law including the forms.

Silly Bankruptcy Notions.

You can only file bankruptcy ONCE in a lifetime.  No, you can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy eight years after discharge of a previous bankruptcy.  Other rules apply to Chapter 13.

My son's car is in my name and he makes the payments so it's his car not mine.  No, if your name is on the title then it's your car and it becomes part of the bankruptcy estate.

They can't take my savings because I'm using the money to pay property taxes, fix the roof, buy new furniture, fix the car, pay college tuition, etc.  Yes they can and yes they will if you exceed your allowances.

They can't take my tax refund because I earned it.  Yes they can and yes they usually do every year just like clockwork.

I'll just transfer my expensive  asset to a friend  so the trustee can't take it.  You must disclose under oath all transfers within one year.  Failure to do so will get you in a world of trouble - along with your friend.

I am on the deed to Grandma's house, but only for probate purposes. 
It's her house and the trustee can't touch it.  Again, if your name is on the title then it's your house too and the trustee can take whatever action is appropriate - including selling it.

I don't want you to list some valuable property I own such as jewelry, vehicle,  etc. because it's mine - I worked for it and I earned it.   If you want to hide assets then don't call us. 

















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