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Chapter 7


Should I file bankruptcy?

We cannot give you legal advice but if you answer YES to three or more of the following questions you may want to consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, given your unique situation.

Are you being sued?
Are your wages being garnished?
Are you afraid to answer your phone?
Are you receiving harassing calls from creditors?

Are you frequently late on payments?
Are your payments over 25% of your net pay?
Do you pay over 20% interest on your debt?
Is you owe more than $5,000 (credit cards, doctors, etc.) not including your car or your house?

Do you buy essential items such as rent, car insurance, food, clothing, gasoline, etc. on credit?
Are you considering consolidating your loans?
Do you make minimum monthly payments thus not reducing the balances by much?
Are you over 1 month behind on more than one bill?

Are you without any savings?
Have you been turned down for credit?
Are you frequently getting cash advances?
Is your mortgage or rent frequently late?
Is your car worth a lot more than you owe?
Do you have high medical bills that are not covered by insurance?

Do you owe income taxes you cannot pay?
Is your home in foreclosure, are the payments unaffordable, or is your home worth far less than you owe?

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