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Chapter 7


Florida Bankruptcy Services charges a flat rate of $250.00 to prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy for pro se debtors (debtors who do not want to hire an attorney).  Our fees are set by the  Bankruptcy Court - not us.

We accept Zell. money orders, personal checks drawn on a local bank, and cash.  Unfortunately we cannot accept debit or credit cards because we have no way to process them. 

If you qualify for a filing fee waiver we will be happy to prepare the necessary documents at no extra cost.

If you do not qualify for a filing fee waiver but do need to pay your filing fees in installments we will be happy to prepare the necessary documents at no extra cost.

There are more costs associated with filing bankruptcy than just our fee.  Here's a breakdown of the costs:

Pre-Filing Credit Counseling:  $24.00
You pay this directly to
If the court determines that you qualify for a filing fee waiver then you fee will be refunded.

Post-filing Debtor Education Class:  $14.00
You pay this directly to
If the court approved you filing fee waiver then it's free. 

Chapter 7 Filing Fees:  $335.00
You pay this directly to the court when you file your bankruptcy documents.  The court accepts cash (exact change only) & money orders.

Chapter 7 Filing Fee Installment Plan
Consists of 4 payments and must be approved by the court.
Payment #1 - $110.00 (pay when you file your bankruptcy)
Payment #2 - $75.00 (due the following month)
Payment #3 - $75.00 (due the next month)
Payment #4 - $75.00 (due the last month)


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