We prepare chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions for Florida residents.  .  .  .  We also make housecalls for Pinellas County residents because lack of transportation should not prevent you from getting out of debt.  .  .  .  Fast turnaround  & low fees.  .  .  .  Emergency filings welcomed to stop lawsuits, wage garnishments & foreclosures!

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How We Can Help You.

Our fees are low because we follow the fee schedule set forth by the bankruptcy court.  This makes us far more affordable than an attorney.

If you cannot take off work during normal business hours because your employer won't let you we offer early evening appointments & early Saturday morning appointments. 

We will prepare an Application for Waiver of Filing Fee for you at no additional charge if we have a reasonable expectation you qualify for a filing fee waiver which will save you $306.00. 

We use Best Case bankruptcy software to prepare your bankruptcy papers because it is the only software that automatically updates changes in bankruptcy forms, law, etc. so nothing is out of date.

We can help you pull your free credit report from all 3 reporting agencies to ensure all your debts are listed but keep in mind not all creditors report to the credit bureaus so it is your responsibility to make sure all creditors are listed.

We will prepare your bankruptcy with complete accuracy and walk you through your bankruptcy from the day your petition is filed until the day you receive your discharge of debt. 

We will show you how to read & correct your credit report because it is essential that you reestablish your credit immediately after you receive you receive your discharge of debt in the bankruptcy court. 

But sometimes clients need an attorney.  Why?  There are a thousand reasons why but it usually boils down to one of the following:  too much income, too many assets, your second mortgage is wholly unsecured, you have mortgage arrearages and want to keep your home, you have vehicle arrearages and want to keep your car, or you personally guaranteed business loans and need to file a business bankruptcy too.

Should this be the case with you we will refer you to Attorney Frank Blainey.  His phone number is 727-237-4799.  He is a brilliant bankruptcy attorney, has reasonable fees, makes house calls,  and is willing to fight for your right to have debts discharged should a creditor object.

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