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Chapter 7


Please bring the following documents with you when we meet with you.  If you don't have everything we need, don't worry about it because you can always email it to us.

Mortgage.  If you own a home we need the mortgage company's name, billing address, account number, and balance owed. 

Vehicle.  If you own a vehicle that is financed, we need the company's name, billing address, account number, and the balance owed.

Paystubs.  All pay stubs for the last 7 months or a payroll printout from your HR department

401k or IRA withdrawals.  If you have withdrawn any monies from your 401k or IRA within the last year we need to know how much and the date of the withdrawal.

Gross income,  This year, last year, and the year before.  This includes income from all sources including child support, alimony, social security, social security disability, 401k withdrawals, pensions, etc.

Credit reports.  You can get your free credit report from
www.annualcreditreport.com.  Transunion is the most accurate followed by Experien.  If you are unable or uncomfortable pulling your own credit report we can do this for you.  Please do not try to obtain your Equifax report due to a recent security breach.

Miscellaneous debts.  We need a billing statement or the creditor's name and address for all debts that do not appear on your credit report. 

Collection accounts.  We need all collection letters you have saved because not everything appears on your credit report and we really want to get rid of these for you.

Lawsuits.  We need a copy of any lawsuit papers you have been served with.


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