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Chapter 7


Chapter 7 timeline.

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be one of the hardest decisions anyone can make but once the decision has been made the process of becoming debt free is pretty much straight forward and by the numbers.

When you meet with us.  Plan on spending more than 1 hour with us and less than two.  The more organized you are the less time it will take. 

We will review your credit reports, billing statements, and paystubs.  We will also fill out a
questionnaire with you and pull your credit reports if haven't already done so.

The NADA Retail Value of your vehicle will be looked up. We will know immediately if you need to get a certified appraisal. You will also need to decide what to do with your vehicle if it's financed - keep it or surrender it. 

You will be given a list of the documents the trustee needs after your bankruptcy is filed.  This is your homework so get it done as soon as possible. 

The day after we meet with you we will begin preparing your bankruptcy documents unless it's an emergency filing.  You will also have a job to do - complete your mandatory pre-filing counseling online at debthelper.com.  The cost is $24.00 and they take debit cards.
When your bankruptcy documents are completed  you will pick them up. We will review them with you and you will sign them.  You will receive a copy of your documents for your records.

You must file your bankruptcy documents in the bankruptcy court.  Then you need to complete your post-filing debtor education class.  Debthelper will electronically file your post filing debtor education certificate for you at no cost. 

You will receive a Meeting of Creditors notice from the court within about 10 days of filing.  It will contain your trustee's name, address, meeting date & time.  Mail the documents the trustee needs via regular mail.

In a few weeks you will attend your 341 meeting (meeting of creditors).  Dress respectfully - plain, simple, no jewelry, no perfume.  Bring your ID, social security card, and a copy of the documents you mailed to the trustee just in case they got lost in the mail.  Your meeting should only last a few minutes. Your trustee may ask you a few questions such as "how did you get in debt" but this is absolutely normal. 

The day after your trustee meeting you begin the 60 day waiting period for you to become eligible for discharge of debt. When this time period is up you will receive your discharge of debt.  This may take a few weeks so please be patient.

Now you will have to clean up your credit reports from all 3 reporting agencies.  Contact each credit bureau individually and have them zero out all accounts (both creditors & collection accounts) that you put into bankruptcy except those debts your reaffirmed such as a vehicle or home.

Then you can reestablish your credit with a secured credit card from a credit union.  Never use more than 25% of available credit and always carry over a balance to establish a good pay record.

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