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Attention  .  .  .  on December 1, 2015  new bankruptcy forms go into effect.  The changes are extensive but no worries - our bankruptcy software automatically updates all changes in bankruptcy law including the forms.

Are you a Tampa Bay area attorney who doesn't need a staff  - just someone to prepare your clients' bankruptcy petitions and then follow through to ensure all the i's are dotted, the t's are crossed, and that there are no surprises waiting for you at 341 meetings? 

If  so, give us a call.  (727) 322-5881  We have nearly 20 years preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions using Best Case Bankruptcy Software in the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court.   We also do loan modifications, office reorganizations, file management, and train staff.

We work off-site for your convenience.  We require no office space, computer, or  expensive software.  Our network and high speed internet connection is totally secure.  Flexible hours.  Emergency filings are welcomed.

We work in a Windows 7 environment.
PACER account
Best Case Bankruptcy Software
Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel)
Adobe Acrobat - Version 10 (creates pdf docs)
Adobe Photoshop (graphics)
Microsoft FrontPage (web design)

We can perform the following tasks for each client.
Client intake ( asking the right questions).
Prepare client's bankruptcy.
Convert trustee docs to pdf format.
Determine if client's vehicle needs to be appraised.
Research local court records for lawsuits/judgments.
Research county property & appraisal records.
Prepare case summaries fto make you aware of any issues.
Store each client file electronically in pdf format for easy storage, retrieval, and integration into your system.

Our Fees:
$350.00 Chapter 7   (consumer bankruptcy)
$350.00 Chapter 13 (consumer bankruptcy w/o Plan)
Chapter 7 (small business bankruptcy - are fees are flexible)

We accept cash, money orders, checks, and direct deposit.
Pick-up and delivery available if local.

Got a staff that needs a little help? 
We can teach your staff how to properly interview clients (ask the right questions & help the client fill out our client questionnaire) so that nothing falls through the crack.  Then we will teach them how use Best Case Bankruptcy Software to prepare and electronically file your cases. 

We can teach your staff how to effectively manage digital files (your computer files) so that once a file is created it does not go into oblivion never to be found again.  This will allow information to be available immediately. 

Other Services
Convert existing client files to pdf format for easy storage & retrieval.
Create Craigslist Ads w/graphics to increase your business.



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